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At ONDUPACK, not only do we value the team’s experience and skills, but also their passion and teamwork. We foster an environment of collaboration and respect, where every employee feels valued and motivated. We recognise their contribution and provide professional development opportunities to boost their growth and job satisfaction.

Each of our employees, whether directly or indirectly, brings their skills, experience and dedication to every task they perform. They are the engine that drives our operation, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our products. Their daily commitment is essential to meeting our customers’ expectations and maintaining our reputation as an industry leader.

We implement training and development programmes to provide our employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles. We also foster an environment of collaboration and teamwork that allows us to grow as professionals and achieve perfection through continuous improvement.

ONDUPACK, founded in 1996, has positioned itself as a leader in the corrugated cardboard industry. With facilities covering an impressive area of 48,000 m², ONDUPACK has an impressive production capacity of 125 million square metres of corrugated cardboard, equivalent to approximately 400 million boxes per year

With a staff of over 300 people in direct and indirect positions, Ondupack is a driving force in the sector, generating an annual turnover of 75 million euros. The company serves more than 1500 customers in Spain as well in countries such as Portugal, France, Morocco, Tunisia and Cuba

We specialise in offering corrugated cardboard solutions made from recycled fibre or virgin fibre paper. We cover both the industrial and agricultural sectors. We also distinguish ourselves by our vertical integration with our paper mills, with a production capacity of 140,000 tonnes of paper made from recycled fibre.

With a constant commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation, ONDUPACK has established itself as a benchmark in the corrugated cardboard industry, providing customised and efficient solutions to  its customers around the world.


At ONDUPACK, we offer high-quality corrugated carboard solutions backed by our vertical integration and a strong commitment to sustainability. Our production capacity of 140,000 tonnes is possible thanks to our associated paper mills located in Catalonia and Castilla-León, Matías Gomá Tomás and Papeleras de Arlanzón

Our vertical integration allows us to control each stage of the process, from obtaining the raw material to the end product. Our paper mills are key in this process, providing us with the paper necessary for the production of corrugated cardboard. Matías Gomá Tomás and Papeleras de Arlanzón supply 100% recycled paper.

The production of 100% recycled corrugated cardboard is a clear example of our commitment to sustainability and environmental care. We use recycled paper from our own paper mills, both of which are certified under the most prestigious standards (FSC, PEFC), ensuring a responsible supply chain and reducing our environmental impact. This type of corrugated cardboard is ideal for those customers seeking environmentally friendly solutions.

We also offer virgin fibre corrugated cardboard, which stands out for its exceptional strength and quality. This type of cardboard is used when specific features are required. We adapt to the needs of each customer offering customised and flexible solutions. ONDUPACK consumes  75,000 tonnes of recycled fibre and virgin fibre paper annually.


ONDUPACK has been an integral part of CL Grupo Industrial since 1996, a business group made up of 26 leading Spanish companies in various sectors such as industry, renewable energy, chemistry and consumer goods. This solid affiliation gives us a position of strength and drives us to achieve a common goal: to be better every day

Forming part of CL Grupo Industrial means having access to shared resources and knowledge, which strengthens us in all aspects of our business. We are backed by an established corporation, which allows us to invest strategically and boldly in our mission.

Our affiliation with CL Grupo Industrial also gives us the opportunity to collaborate with other leading companies in various sectors, allowing us to learn, innovate and expand our horizons. We share knowledge and experience with experts in industry, renewable energy, chemistry and consumer goods, which enriches us and gives us a competitive advantage.


We recycle and reuse paper, promoting a circular economy and a sustainable future.


We are part of CL Grupo Industrial, our culture is to work as a team


With society, with the environment, with quality and above all with people.


To society, to the environment, to quality and above all to people.