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Quality Assurance


ISO 9001

The standard is an international standard that regulates Quality Management Systems (QMS). It covers aspects related to quality management. It provides guidance and tools to ensure compliance with legal requirements and promotes the improvement of the quality of services and/or products.


The organisation or company has been assessed and audited by one of the certification bodies that are part of the IQNet network. These certifications are proof that the organisation has implemented and maintains a management system in accordance with a specific international standard.

ISO 14001

Esta norma establece los requisitos para un Sistema de Gestión Ambiental (SGA), que ayuda a las organizaciones a gestionar y mejorar su desempeño ambiental de manera efectiva. Promueve la gestión ambiental responsable y el cumplimiento de requisitos legales y reglamentarios.


The BRCGS (Global Standard for Packaging) standard is globally recognised by the GFSI and focuses on the safety and quality of packaged products. It is especially relevant in the food industry and is also in demand by manufacturers of medical products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and baby items.


The Chain of Custody of forestry products ensures the traceability of products of forestry origin, allowing the origin of these products to be controlled to ensure that they come from sustainable sources.